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It's the holiday season and time to spent money on shopping. Here are some best online shopping experience tips that can make your holiday a magical one

9 Tips For Best Online Shopping Experience For A Great Holiday Shopping

It is the holiday season and you need to spent some money for holiday shopping again! No worries, everyone is in the same mood and stress too, myself included, you are not alone! Read more for some best online shopping experience tips.

If you make a financial plan, I know it sounds boring, it will not only save you from breaking the bank but you can ensure your holiday is a magical one too.


Shopping with a budget is easier these days with so many online reliable stores that you can trust. Remember to only look for website that guarantees buyer protection and you only pay using a reliable source like PayPal, which will protect the buyers rights. That way you can be assured that when you are not satisfied with the goods delivered to you, you can always return them with money back guarantee.


Yes, these days shopping online can be cheaper than shopping at retail, especially on Black Fridays at Amazon or Singles Day at AliExpress, as the wholesalers do not need to pay for shop rentals and most sellers are manufacturer themselves, or they just use one wholesaler, and therefore the mark-ups are not as expensive as the retail shops. But it is good to check on  the retail prices, and then check online at the same time to see if buying online is worth a try or buy, and how much cheaper – do some simple math to compare! Remember to spend your hard earn cash wisely, and not all of them or end up running into debt.


If you find online prices are really cheaper, you may want to explore online shopping, as it is now trending, with more brands selling online, the biggest online retailers like Amazon and AliExpress platforms have recorded their highest sales in 2017, and believe it or not, the coming 2018 sales 11 Nov – Singles Day and 23 Nov Black Friday will continue to record new highs this year, as online shopping continue to grow!


Here are some tips for online shopping with a budget without overspending:

#1. Decide How Much You Can Spend – Spend Within Your Own Means

 As you do not want to spend all your money and create more debts. First, to decide how much can you actually spend, take time to do some maths… I know it is really daunting, but we need to have reality check and buy without regrets!

Best that you already have a discipline on monthly savings, now you can use maybe 10% of it for holiday, best yet, only use your last pay check and spend on what you can afford! Trust me, you will feel more secured and worry free while spending away!


#2. Create A To-Buy List – Buy According To Your Budget

Best thing about online shopping is you can take your time to compare, shortlist, calculate the total to spend, only proceed to buy! The shopping list will include the number of people you would like to buy gifts to, that would add up to a sum.

Calculate a total amount you can afford, and allocate to each person an  amount, so that you know how much is spend solely on gifts! Not to mention that you also need some money to dress up for parties and family reunion too, so be real and remember not to run into debt.

#3. Clean Up Your Closet And Storeroom – Cash Out

As you plan to add on new stuff in your house and wardrobe, why not clean up the old and unused ones. You can easily sell them at EBay or Amazon or any reliable online shops that resell them. What you will get in return is some spare cash you never thought you have, your junk that you thought is worthless, can actually generate some spare cash for your holiday!

This would help out in your budget plan, as most of the time you will end up spending more than you earn during the holiday seasons anyway.

#4. Get A Part Time Job

After some reality check, you now know you need to spend a bomb and have not much cash to spare. It is time to earn some extra cash for the holidays spending. There are a lot of jobs available during the seasonal holidays, you can now consider online marketing or Uber, if that suits you better.

#5. Buy Earlier – Make Time For Delivery

Some online products may take 4 to 6 weeks’ time to deliver to you, so it is good to plan ahead.

Prices online can be 3 times lesser than retail, so you can have options to buy from 2 online retailers as backups, if you wish. Yes, buy 2 or 3 more items for less, if you can!

#6. No Need To Rush – Most Of The Time Online Items Are Available

Even though you are pressure to buy on the spot. Don’t let the online seller trick you into buying today itself. Take a few days to decide if the product is actually what you want before buying. That can save you from impulse buying, which you cannot avoid when you are at the shop itself.


#7. Get Discount Coupons And Deals Before You Buy

To get the best deals, do check out with the seller and get some deals first, check a few shops first on prices before you buy. Make you buy the lowest price, and why not! Nowadays, online shopping is just clicks away comparing prices, minus the buying impulsive when you are at shopping mall. Although the look and feel of the product cannot be felt online, you can check their purchasers feedbacks and the reliability of the seller.

Remember it is a big online community, and with the community feedbacks, and rules and regulations in place to protect buyers, if you are extra careful, you will not be cheated. Remember to only shop at reliable website with buyer protection guarantee.

#8. Remember To Check Your Total Spend

Before checking out on your online purchases spend some time reviewing your cart before check out and be sure you only buy what you need and not more. The best thing is the cart will show you your total payment amount, so you can decide if you want to reduce it without feeling apologetic.

#9. Know your sizes

Measure your own sizes before you decide to purchase any clothes or shoes online. Read the given measurements and check yours before you decide on the size. Make sure you can return them if the size does not fit. It may be fun to shop online together with one of your close family member and best buddy, that way you can still consider exchanging the sizes between yourselves,  should you got the wrong size when the products deliver. Best yet, to remind each other not to splurge, it could be a time well spend J


There you go, some tips for you to plan ahead before splurging and having fun. A good plan and checklists is always a must have to make sure you enjoy great buys and still have cash rather than debt by end of your holiday season.

Your checklists for best online shopping experience:

#1. Decide How Much You Can Spend – Spend Within Your Own Means

#2. Create A To-Buy List – Buy According To Your Budget

#3. Clean Up Your Closet And Storeroom – Cash Out

#4. Get A Part Time Job

#5. Buy Earlier – Make Time For Delivery

#6. No Need To Rush – Most Of The Time Online Items Are Available

#7. Get Discount Coupons And Deals Before You Buy

#8. Remember To Check Your Total Spend

#9. Know your sizes


Question: Which online shop would you prefer?


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